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redrafting outerwear

We could tell you a story about runway inspired design, but that’s not who we are. We are industry outsiders with a shared passion for balanced design and beautiful products. We’re driven by functionality, craft, individuality. And so is our product.

The Arrivals

The Arrivals

our approach

Untethered by the industry status quo, The Arrivals was born out of the idea that supremely elevated products should exist at an honest price. We have no physical stores, no middlemen taking their cut and no markups. Instead we carefully craft each of our outerwear pieces with the highest-quality manufacturers in the business and sell them direct to you at


Designed to work with the unpredictable nature of the changing seasons, each piece merges urban necessity with the architectural foundations of modularity, functionality and movement.

The Arrivals

The Arrivals


All of The Arrivals pieces are crafted to exceed our own obsessive standards. We have partnered with the best factories in the world to create garments that we are proud of. Each of The Arrivals jackets are built by our skilled craftsmen who put their love and attention into every garment that passes from their hands to yours.


We found a waterproof suede from Italy while in Paris, a rare Japanese raw denim while in NYC, and traveled to Vancouver to find a high-tech waterproof micro-mesh shell. We are steadfast on finding the highest quality materials to create innovative outerwear and will travel the world to bring them directly to you.

The Arrivals

The Arrivals

unusual suspects

The Arrivals is the brainchild of former Architect, Jeff Johnson, and Kal Vepuri. The Arrivals was built to connect the creative community through collaborative design and innovation. At launch, The Arrivals represented a culmination of 0 years fashion industry experience. Instead, we levied our experience in design and entrepreneurship to architect an unorthodox team of young creatives with the idea that good design and good people make life better.