justin bridges

fashion + lifestyle photographer

who: justin bridges

what: photographer

time: o1:2o pm est

where: harlem, new york

geo: 4o.8816° N, 73.9465° W

wearing: techno unnormal tee



The path of a creative pursuit is rarely linear and often paved with unforeseen anomalies. There are no set rules or barriers to entry, only a continuum of discovery and reinterpretation of norms. We sat down with Justin Bridges -- finance professional turned fashion and lifestyle photographer -- to expose his departure from the expected.

“Growing up I had no

creative inkling.”


Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Justin describes his childhood as that of the typical American kid; he was drawn to sports and video games and to this day still has fantasies of becoming a cop. One of the first members of his family to graduate college, he moved to NYC in 2008 to pursue a career in finance and the fiscal gain that accompanied it.


Following the financial crisis and a deepening distaste for his job at Goldman Sachs, Justin’s mentor sat him down to discuss his future. Through the practical weighing of pros and cons, he determined that the singular monetary risk of pursuing a career in photography did not outweigh the enormous rewards.

“I knew I was going to leave finance behind and do something different with my life.”


He is addicted to the surreal focus he finds in seemingly chaotic activities, such as shooting guns and riding his bike through the city -- comparing the calm that overcomes him to a form of meditation. A creature of habit, Justin sticks soundly to his daily ritual of one matcha green tea, a long bike ride and his signature New York all black uniform.


A self-proclaimed left-brained individual, Justin takes pleasure in the problem solving aspect of his profession, embracing his business roots when working with clients to merge art and commerce. He doesn’t concern himself with chasing uniqueness, but rather with constantly testing, exploring and discovering new routes to realize his creative vision.

"I’m not obsessed with being an individual, I’m just obsessed with trying things the way that I think they should be tried.”